BPCT Website and WeChat Public Platform Launched

BPCT Website and WeChat Public Platform went online on November 30th , allowing users to stay updated with BPCT’s latest news, make enquiries and seek services.


The BPCT website ( values user experience and visual effects, focuses on service functions. Well laid-out and user friendly, it provides users with easy access to services.


The BPCT WeChat public platform is also available for the purpose of facilitating our users. Search the keyword “bbg-psa”or“广西北部湾国际集装箱码头”or scan the QR code at the bottom right corner of the page to subscribe.


Your suggestions posted at our website and WeChat platform are highly valued. We will adjust our services to your needs and serve you better.


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    Beibu Gulf-PSA International Container Terminal Co., Ltd (BPCT)